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The Environmentally and Economically Friendly Choice
Soy candles have so much more going for them than just burning a lovely candle.  Made from sustainable agricultural products, with a lower burning point than traditional candles, soy candles are not only environmentally friendly, they actually burn longer.  This means soy candles not only burn cleaner, but last longer and are more affordable.
If you are interested in exploring the world of candle making, my book “Soy Candles” gives step-by-step instructions for each stage of the process:  safe melting of soy wax flakes, choosing containers and moulds, to preparing the wick, and adding fragrance and colour to the wax.  A great way to explore and create personalised soy candle and great gifts, my book is available via my website listed under “Books” or in all good bookstores in the Craft Section.. 
So whether you make tealights for overseas friends, your own insect-repelling candles or create the perfect evening garden party with pretty painted glass jars filled with fragrant soy candles, you can find everything you need right here.  Simply enter and enjoy.


Aussie Mates
I loved this fabric right from the start, it is so fresh looking with its bright colours and whimsical as well, with its blue coloured Koalas and yellow Possums.  The 6oz Soy Wax Candle Tin with its label matching the fabric bag makes a perfect gift for those who love anything to do with the Australian Wildlife. 
Roses Package
“Nothing to do with candles, but everything to do with the scent of a very modern Potpourri.”