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All my candle containers are re-useable. Easy to clean, with soap and water, I have purposely chosen shapes and sizes that can be utilized again in a different way or if you prefer, refilled with your favourite colour and fragrant wax.  This means that you don’t have to keep purchasing containers but chose the more affordable re-fill option.

Small Candela-Metro Jar

Clear glass container with flat lid – 50ml, includes white gloss gift box.
Refer to Fragrance Listing for your choice of fragrance.

Small Candela-Metro Jar $10.00 Contact

Small Roly Poly

Clear Glass – 135ml – 30 hour burn time

Small Roly Poly $12.00 Contact

Medium Roly Poly

Clear Glass – 300ml – 51 hour burn time

Medium Roly Poly $22.00 Contact

Hand Painted Med. Roly Poly

Clear Glass – Various Designs. Includes 5 matching fragranced tealights (Exclusive to Cool Candles)

Hand Painted Med. Roly Poly $35.50 Contact

Small Candalina

Clear / Frosted Glass – 75ml – 14 hour burn

Small Candalina $8.00 Contact

Medium Candalina

Clear / Frosted Glass – 200ml – 39.4 hour burn

Medium Candalina $17.50 Contact

Large Candalina

Clear Glass – 500ml – 75 hour burn.

Large Candalina $25.00 Contact


Frosted – Slightly tapered – 225ml – 36 hour burn

Cube $15.00 Contact

Fiesta Jar

Fiesta Jars are all the go these days, being sleek and modern makes them easily recycled for another use should you wish. I just love the lids, not only their look, but they are so easy to remove. From top to bottom the jar measures 11cm and holds approx. 135ml.

Fiesta Jar $12.00 Contact

Mini Jar Candle

These little jars are so cute. They all have white lids which I like to dress up by adding ribbon or jute, but they look extra special with their lids covered in fabric – matching the season or event. A mini candle made with lots of TLC.

Mini Jar Candle $8.00 Contact