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Soy Candles – How to Make Soy Candles – I have been a candlemaker for ten years now and really wished I knew what I know now when I first started.  So my book is to pass on lots of information and a few tricks of the trade.  Happy pouring.

Doggylicious – Is nothing to do with candles, but Dog Owners who like to cook meals for their dogs, your precious ones will love the recipes you make from this book.

“Insta Candle” Kit – Makes one natural soy candle using a microwave.

Soy Candles – How to Make Soy Candles

Step-by-step instructions show you each stage of the process from safe melting of the soy wax flakes, choosing containers and moulds, preparing the wick and adding fragrance and colour. Material and equipment lists explain everything you need to get started. With the practicalities understood, there are projects to make for different occasions. You can choose subtle-fragranced heart-shaped candles in pretty containers for a wedding gift, use a mosaic candle container and pop in a tealight for a perfect gift for a long-distance friend, make insect-repelling candles and display them in prettily painted glass jars in the garden or make extravagantly fragranced versions to light in the bathroom to help unwind at the end of the long day.

Soy Candles – How to Make Soy Candles $15.95 Contact


Doggylicious introduces a mouth-watering array of healthy recipes for dogs: breakfasts, dinners, snacks, party food – it’s all covered. Dog-lovers will learn about good nutrition for their pets while preparing these easy to make dishes and their pets will love them more than ever. Recipes include: pupcorn, pupperoni pizza, sausage dogs, doggy doughnuts, barbecue dishes, Christmas and birthday foods: and all are made from ingredients which are healthy and tasty for dogs. A great way for dog owners to bond with their four-legged friends.

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Insta Candle Kit

This little kit has everything you need to make a soy candle using your microwave. The kits are fun to use so buy a few kits, invite the girls around for an afternoon of making candles. Should you decide to give this kit to a child, full adult supervision is advised when making the candle.

The kit includes: Soy wax, candle container, fragrance, pre-tabbed wick, wick holder, warning label and instructions. It is packed in a plastic container which is used to melt the wax in your microwave. There is no choice in the fragrance however as it is a bit of a “lucky dip” though the Supplier has used the most popular fragrances which are lovely.

Insta Candle Kit $12.00 Contact