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Welcome to Cool Candles, the place dedicated to selling Soy Wax candles at competitive and affordable prices.  Why Soy Wax?  Because Soy Wax burns cleaner, longer and is a renewable candle.  This is why I chose Soy Wax for my candle making.  I wanted a product that was good for me, good for the environment and lasted the distance.

Burning 25 – 50% longer than paraffin wax, and being water soluble, Cool Candles provide the perfect solution for anyone who wants to burn a “healthier” candle.  I invite you to take the time to view my products, which are suitable for home, office and guilt-free gifts for friends and relatives.  My range is extensive, flexible and can be made to suit most occasions or seasons, including but not limited to – Aussie candles, hampers, personalised and seasonal.  If you have the idea, then I would love to make a candle for you.

Enjoy your shopping,